Why is English Class Important?

You may ask, “Why is English class so important?” It should be required for university admission, but this is not always the case. Even if you don’t plan to go into the sciences, or even into some types of careers, you’ll benefit from having basic English skills. The skills learned in an English class can … Read more

Why Is English Class Important in College?

One of the primary reasons to take an English class in college is for future job prospects in English-speaking countries. It helps you to learn the basics of grammar and vocabulary, and speaking and writing in English can increase your job opportunities abroad. Speaking multiple languages will also help you to learn a new language, … Read more

Why is English Class So Boring?

It’s no secret that English classes can be extremely boring. Not only are they boring for native English speakers, but they are also repeated year after year – something that can be quite redundant. In comparison, math and science, which students do not have to repeat every year, offer new skills to develop in the … Read more

Fun Things to Learn in English Class

If you want to incorporate games into your English class, here are a few ideas that will help your students become more familiar with the language. They can also practice their punctuation skills and build their vocabulary. Here are a few ways to encourage students to speak up and engage in discussion. Enjoy! There are … Read more