Fun Activities For English Class High School

Looking for fun activities for English class high school? Try playing Pictionary, a Classroom scavenger hunt, or a group story! In fact, these ideas are guaranteed to keep students engaged. Just make sure you have enough time to try all of them! There are countless ways to have fun while learning English. Here are some ideas to get you started. And if none of them work for you, here are some more that will make your class a hit!

Group story

If you’re looking for fun activities for English class high school students, you’ve come to the right place. These games can help your students practice their grammar and parts of speech. “Mad Libs” is an example of a game that tests students’ knowledge of grammar. The blank sentences of the story are actually parts of speech and synonyms, so students must choose the right words to complete the story.

A classic English class activity is the Classroom Scavenger Hunt, which can be adapted to suit any high school English class. Before starting a Scavenger Hunt, however, you will need to do some pre-planning. First, you will need to know the procedures and expectations of your classroom. Once you have these in place, you can create worksheets that contain questions about each label. Ten or more labels can make a great scavenger hunt. In addition to being fun for students, a Scavenger Hunt is an excellent way to review classroom procedures.

Another fun activity for your English class high school students is a 3 Things Writing Activity. You’ll need to have each student choose three things and describe them to their partner. You can make the activity silly or use the day of the week to tie in with the topic. For example, you can write an alien with a big square head and seven arms, and four tiny eyes on its head. This activity will help students develop their writing skills and critical thinking skills while having fun.

A similar activity is the Assassin Game, where one student is seated in the middle of a circle. Then, the other students in the circle have to guess which student sticks their tongue out. The student who correctly answers the question wins, while the student who fails to guess the answer has to switch places with the seated student. While the Assassin Game is a popular one, it can be tricky to keep students interested for long.

An interactive activity can be useful for improving speaking skills. Often, students find the monotony of the daily lecture or activity boring. To make the class more exciting and lively, assign fun activities for the students. These activities can be played in teams and can even be peer graded. This can be especially useful if the students have a desire to travel. However, it may not be a good idea to do these activities without a teacher’s approval.

Another game that requires students to use their vocabulary is the impromptu speaking exercise. In this game, students are divided into two teams. They each select a number. In the first round, the students have to answer the statement with no preparation. The goal is to stay as clear as possible for 45 seconds, while the other team listens for hesitations and grammatical or vocabulary mistakes. Correcting mistakes earns them a point. Another activity is the desert island game. The students must describe what they find on the island and describe it to their teammates. The last person standing is the winner.

Classroom scavenger hunt

A classroom scavenger hunt is a fun way to review material and get students moving. The scavenger hunt requires students to look for clues in a room and write the answer. The students will have fun completing the puzzles and earn points for the teacher as well! To create a classroom scavenger hunt, use photos of faculty members or old yearbooks.

Divide the class into teams. Assign captains to each team, divide the class into teams. Assign each team a clue to find the treasure chest, and have students work together to identify the object. Make sure the children understand they are not supposed to collect the treasure but rather identify it with a partner. It’s not essential to have a large number of each item; they are meant to be fun!

Another classroom scavenger hunt is the alphabet scavenger hunt. For this type of scavenger hunt, students have to search for items beginning with the letter of their choice. To make the game more challenging, call out random alphabet letters. Once students have found the letters, they have to write the items in big letters and hang them on their designated walls. They must return to their seats when the timer rings.

A classroom scavenger hunt for English class is a fun way to introduce new vocabulary. The students can search for new words in context as they try to locate them. For more creative ideas, visit Education World for free printable scavenger hunt lists for high school and grade schools. You can also adapt the scavenger hunts to the needs of your students. So, whether you are teaching English class high school students or middle school students, make the activity fun and memorable!

Another great idea is to have a winter scavenger hunt. The students will love scavenger hunts during the winter months. They’ll be glad to get outside. And they’ll love the beautiful scenery. Another great idea is to go out during recess with the hunt. Encourage students to compete with each other to find all the items in the least amount of time.

Another option is to plant words in their assignments or orally directed tasks. Try to find as many as 15 of the same words as possible. This way, students can help each other out naturally. A great way to do this is to use an icebreaker by encouraging students to give compliments to one another. And once they are done, they’ll be ready for the next level. When they’ve gotten the hang of it, they’ll have a good time learning about their peers.


When used as a fun activity in an English class, Pictionary can be a great way to teach vocabulary. The game is based on a point system, where teams earn points for correctly drawing a word and defining, illustrating, and connecting it to other course content. Students should adjust the rules of the game for different age groups and artistic levels. Students can also generate a list of vocabulary terms that challenge them and choose words that are challenging for them to learn.

To play Pictionary as a fun activity for an English class high school, students should prepare a sheet of paper with six columns. At the top of each column, students should write the word they wish to draw. Then, they should pass the colored marker to the next team member, who will then write the word. The remaining students will try to guess the word. For fun, students can make a list of vocabulary words that relate to the topic.

Pictionary is a fun game for all students and can be used for different age groups. Young children, teenagers, and adults alike enjoy playing this game. Using the game in an English class high school is an excellent way to reinforce vocabulary and improve students’ memory skills. Using a set of Pictionary cards and a board, teachers can create a classroom activity that incorporates vocabulary and other skills.

The game can also be used to teach prepositions of movement. It is best played in a small group of five or six students, so that each team is tested on its vocabulary. For the best results, prepare the game beforehand by providing 20 common items. You can also use backpack items that are commonly found in the classroom to create a fun game. However, you should remember to keep the game quiet and monitor students closely.

To play Pictionary as a fun activity for an English class high school, students can divide themselves into teams. The aim of the game is to guess a word within three minutes. Correct answers earn points, and the team with the most points wins. Once students have mastered the game, they’ll be begging their teachers to play it again. With enough time, the game can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Another way to introduce Pictionary to your students is by making a game that tests their drawing ability. Students can practice their skills in drawing while they’re learning vocabulary in the classroom. Pictionary can also be a great way to introduce the concept of critical thinking in an English class. In addition to playing the game, students can also use it to encourage creativity. When paired in a group, the students can practice their writing and communication skills by creating stories that engage the class.

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