Me and my friends or My friends and I – Which is Correct?

English can be a confusing language. While some sentences sound right, they may stand grammatically incorrect. The question, me and my friends or my friends and I, comes in this very category of confusing sentences.

Me and my friends or my friends and I: Which is correct?

The correct answer will always be the sentence, “my friends and I”. It may sound right to say “me and my friends,” but it is simply wrong, especially when we talk about subjects. The main difference lies in the usage of subjective pronouns and objective pronouns. The subjective pronoun here is I, and the objective pronoun is Me. So, it is wrong to write “me and my friends” at the very beginning of a sentence.

Simply, the most important point to remember in this distinction is the functional difference between the pronouns me and I. When we say my friends and I, we use I as the subjective pronoun, which means I is doing the action. On the other hand, me is an objective pronoun, that means me is being acted upon. Thus, me can never be used at the beginning of a sentence.

For example:

  • My friends and I are visiting the playground. (Correct)
  • Me and my friends are visiting the playground. (Wrong)
  • My friends and I got selected for the football team. (Correct)
  • Me and my friends got selected for the football team. (Wrong)

It is a commonly seen mistake. We have a habit of using I with verbs. Thus, this sentence is often confused by people.

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