Me and John or John and I – Which is Correct?

Sentences like me and John or John and I can be quite tricky and most of the time, people end up making the wrong choice due to the way each phrase sounds right. Well, the answer can vary depending on the situation.

Me and John or John and I – Which is correct?

If you are talking about John and yourself as a subject, then no doubt, the correct answer will always be “John and I” and not “me and John”. The word me is an objective pronoun, and the word I is a subjective pronoun. So, using “Me and John” at the beginning of a sentence as subjects will stand grammatically incorrect.

The simple rule to answering this question is the proper use of the pronouns I and me. I is a subjective pronoun, and Me is an objective pronoun. That means, when we are talking about I, it is doing something. And when we talk about me, it is being acted upon by someone. Thus, me and John as subjects at the beginning of a sentence will be absolutely wrong.

This is a very common mistake that we keep noticing. It is simply because we are more used to I followed by verbs. But it is important to remember that me can never be used as a subject.

For example:

  • Me and John completed the work. (Wrong)
  • John and I completed the work. (Correct)
  • Me and John went to the market. (Wrong)
  • John and I went to the market. (Correct)

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