He and I or He and me – Which is correct?

The usage of the pronoun I and me can be baffling sometimes. Even most people end up choosing the wrong alternative in the wrong context. This question, he and me or he and I come under the same category.

He and I or he and me – which is correct?

The correct answer simply would be the phrase “he and I” and not “he and me”. This is especially true when we are talking in a formal context, referring he and I as subjects. It is because I is a subjective pronoun and me is an objective pronoun. Whenever we are talking about a subject that does something, me cannot be used, especially at the beginning of a sentence.

I and me are both pronouns. While the former is the subjective pronoun, the latter is the objective pronoun. That means when we are talking about ourselves and somebody in the subjective context, we will always use I as it means, I is doing something. And since me is an objective pronoun, which shows something is being done to it, we cannot use it as a subject. So, the correct answer is he and I.

The mistake of using he and me is becoming very common. Especially because in conversational language, saying he and me sounds correct. But when we look into it from the written or grammatical perspective, it is absolutely wrong.

For example:

  • He and I went for shopping. (Correct)
  • He and me went for shopping. (Wrong)

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