Hush Money Meaning & Sentence

“Hush money” is a payment made to keep someone quiet about embarrassing, illegal, or damaging information or secret. It can also refer to a bribe to avoid scandal or exposure.

Hush Money Meaning

A bribe

Hush Money Sentence Examples

  • The CEO was caught paying hush money to cover up an embezzlement scheme.
  • The celebrity paid a large sum of hush money to prevent the release of a damaging video.
  • The politician was accused of accepting hush money in exchange for favorable legislation.
  • The company offered hush money to the whistleblower to keep them from going public with information about unsafe practices.
  • The mafia boss threatened to pay hush money to keep the witnesses from testifying in court.
  • The athlete was caught giving hush money to a referee to fix the game.
  • The employee was given hush money to sign a non-disclosure agreement and keep quiet about the company’s illegal activities.
  • The wealthy businessman used hush money to silence his accusers and avoid a scandal.
  • The corrupt government officials were caught accepting hush money from lobbyists.
  • The victim was paid hush money to keep quiet about their abuse.

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