On Account of Meaning & Sentence

On Account of Meaning

Because of

On Account of Sentence Examples

  • I couldn’t attend the party on account of my busy schedule.
  • On account of the bad weather, we had to cancel our camping trip.
  • He was late for work on account of a flat tire.
  • On account of her injury, she had to withdraw from the competition.
  • I had to take a rain check at the concert on account of my flu.
  • On account of the power outage, we couldn’t watch the game.
  • He was denied entry to the club on account of his ID being fake.
  • On account of the pandemic, the school had to switch to online classes.
  • I had to decline the job offer on account of the low salary.
  • On account of the traffic, I missed my flight.
  • He was arrested on account of his involvement in the robbery.
  • On account of the fire, the building had to be evacuated.
  • I was unable to finish the project on account of the lack of resources.
  • On account of the strike, the factory had to shut down.
  • He was dismissed from the team on account of his poor attitude.
  • On account of the flood, the village had to be evacuated.
  • I had to change my plans on account of the bad news.
  • On account of the shortage of water, the city had to impose restrictions.
  • He was expelled from the university on account of cheating on the exam.
  • On account of the heat wave, the government issued a warning.
  • I had to cancel my vacation on account of my work schedule.
  • On account of the storm, the roads were closed.
  • He was sentenced to prison on account of his crimes.
  • On account of the drought, the crops failed.
  • I was unable to meet the deadline on account of the unexpected delay.
  • On account of the shortage of electricity, the city had to implement rolling blackouts.
  • He was fired from his job on account of his poor performance.
  • On account of the cold weather, the school had to close early.
  • I had to reschedule the meeting on account of a family emergency.
  • On account of the snowstorm, the airport was closed.
  • He was banned from the mall on account of his disruptive behavior.
  • On account of the economic downturn, the company had to lay off employees.
  • I had to postpone my wedding on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • On account of the high winds, the tree fell and blocked the road.
  • He was denied a loan on account of his poor credit history.
  • On account of the lack of funding, the program had to be cut.
  • I was unable to participate in the race on account of my sprained ankle.
  • On account of the gas leak, the building had to be evacuated.
  • He was forced to resign on account of his misconduct.
  • On account of the heavy rain, the streets were flooded.
  • I had to cancel my trip on account of my illness.
  • On account of the security breach, the company had to shut down its systems.
  • He was denied access to the event on account of not having a ticket.
  • On account of the rise in crime, the neighborhood was on high alert.
  • I was unable to attend the meeting on account of a prior engagement.

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