Let he or Let him – Which is Correct?

People often confuse which one to choose – either let he or let him and end up with the wrong choice. This will lead to incorrect grammatical sentences.

Let he or Let him – Which is Correct?

The word “Let” is a transitive verb. The pronoun of the objective case is used after the word “Let”. Hence “Let him” is correct and “Let he” is incorrect.

For example

  • Let he go. (Wrong)
  • Let him go. (Correct)
  • Let he do it. (Wrong)
  • Let him do it. (Correct)

What is a Pronoun?

A pronoun is a word used to replace nouns in a sentence. A pronoun is used to stop the repetition of a noun. The sentence becomes clumsy or awkward if we use a noun in a sentence again and again. This is the reason that a pronoun is used instead of a noun.

For example-

  • Kamil is a hardworking boy. He is my nephew.
  • Ayesha is a good writer. She lives in Paris.

In the examples given above, the pronouns ‘He’, and ‘She’ are used instead of the nouns ‘Kamil’ and ‘Ayesha’, respectively, to avoid repetition of nouns.

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