In vs Into – What’s the difference?

There is a remarkable difference between In and Into and it can be easily noticed in a sentence. Questions are frequently asked about the most appropriate use of these two prepositions. Since they seem to have similar meanings, they lead to a little confusion in their usages also. Sometimes, the incorrect use of these two prepositions in speech or writing entirely changes the meaning of the sentence. Hence it is most essential to know the correct use of these prepositions to avoid any ambiguity in our writing. In this post, we shall discuss and learn the basic difference between In and Into with the help of examples. I am sure it will clear your doubts and help you make the correct use of In and Into in sentences.

In vs Into – Difference

The word “In” is a preposition and is used in the sense of “inside” or as a function word to indicate inclusion, location, or position within limits. The word “Into” is a double preposition and is used in the sense of “motion inside anything” or as a function word to indicate entry, insertion, or inclusion. It is also used to show changing from one stage/state/medium to another stage/state/medium. For example:

In Examples

  • They visit Arizona every year in summer.
  • I was wounded in the right leg.
  • This letter is written in pencil.
  • Only one in five is eligible for this post.
  • She left the port in a hurry.
  • My uncle live in Mannhatten, USA.
  • Please stand in a queue and wait for your turn.
  • I only look at the headlines in the newspaper.
  • There are billions of stars in the universe.
  • He was dripping wet in the heavy rains.

Into Examples

  • The guest came into the dining room.
  • She got into trouble.
  • A baby elephant fell into a trap.
  • The maid put the bowl into the sink.
  • The crowd was heading into the town.
  • Ramson jumped into the pool.
  • The thieves broke into my shop.
  • Bible now has been translated into almost all the languages of the world.
  • Water turns into ice at -5 degree centigrade.
  • The sheriff will enquire into the case.

Using In in a Sentence

  1. One can’t live in space for long.
  2. He travels in a bus.
  3. John will come in one hour.
  4. She will return the library book in a week.
  5. James will reach there in two days.
  6. He is in formal dress.
  7. Mr. Jeff is in hospital.
  8. My grandmother is in good health.
  9. She is in tears.
  10. Samar is serving in US Navy for the past ten years.

Using Into in a Sentence

  1. The cake was cut into four pieces.
  2. Garret carried on researching late into the night.
  3. Pour some sugar into the tea.
  4. If you heat the ice, it turns into water.
  5. Please speak clearly into the microphone.
  6. The truck crashed into a parked car.
  7. The boy seems to be sliding into depression.
  8. My uncle did not get married untill he was well into thirties.
  9. She dived into the water.
  10. He threw the letter into the fire.

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