In Order that Meaning & Sentence

In Order that Meaning

So that something can happen

In Order that Sentence Examples

  • In order that we may succeed, we must work together as a team.
  • In order that the project may be completed on time, we must stay focused and organized.
  • In order that we may understand the lesson, we must pay close attention to the teacher.
  • In order that the cake may be baked properly, we must follow the recipe exactly.
  • In order that the company may continue to grow, we must find new ways to innovate.
  • In order that we may achieve our goals, we must set clear and specific targets.
  • In order that the conference may run smoothly, we must plan every detail in advance.
  • In order that the children may learn and grow, we must provide them with a safe and stimulating environment.
  • In order that the economy may recover, we must take bold and decisive action.
  • In order that we may maintain good health, we must exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.
  • In order that the concert may be a success, we must ensure that all of the musicians are well rehearsed.
  • In order that the team may win the game, we must play with determination and focus.
  • In order that the book may be published, we must edit and proofread it carefully.
  • In order that the garden may flourish, we must tend to it regularly and provide it with the proper care.
  • In order that the movie may be a hit, we must cast talented actors and hire a skilled director.
  • In order that the store may remain profitable, we must offer high-quality products at competitive prices.
  • In order that the relationship may thrive, we must communicate effectively and show mutual respect.
  • In order that the holiday may be enjoyable, we must plan our itinerary and make necessary reservations.
  • In order that the presentation may be effective, we must prepare well and practice delivering it.
  • In order that the business may expand, we must explore new markets and develop new products.
  • In order that the company may survive the recession, we must cut costs and increase efficiency.
  • In order that the party may be a success, we must plan the menu and invite the right guests.
  • In order that the computer program may run correctly, we must test it thoroughly and debug any errors.
  • In order that the car may run efficiently, we must perform regular maintenance and tune-ups.
  • In order that the city may attract more tourists, we must promote its attractions and improve its infrastructure.
  • In order that the website may be user-friendly, we must design it with intuitive navigation and clear layout.
  • In order that the class may be engaging, we must incorporate interactive activities and real-world examples.
  • In order that the proposal may be accepted, we must present it clearly and persuasively.
  • In order that the company may retain its employees, we must offer competitive benefits and opportunities for growth.
  • In order that the book may be a bestseller, we must market it effectively and gain positive reviews.
  • In order that the party may be memorable, we must create a fun and festive atmosphere.
  • In order that the team may work well together, we must establish clear roles and expectations.
  • In order that the project may be completed on budget, we must stick to the allocated funds and resources.
  • In order that the company may be successful, we must have a strong and dedicated team.

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