At Daggers Drawn With Meaning & Sentence

At Daggers Drawn With Meaning

To be enemies

At Daggers Drawn With Sentence Examples

  • At daggers drawn with precision, the fisherman pulled in his catch.
  • The pirate ship sailed into port, its daggers were drawn, ready for battle.
  • The knight charged into battle with his sword at daggers drawn.
  • The artist carefully sketched the landscape with daggers drawn.
  • The archer aimed with her bow at daggers drawn.
  • The hunter crept through the forest with his rifle at daggers drawn.
  • The detective searched the crime scene with his flashlight with daggers drawn.
  • The soldier crouched behind cover with his gun at daggers drawn.
  • The carpenter measured the wood with daggers drawn for his new project.
  • The chef sharpened her knives at daggers drawn for the busy night ahead.
  • The musician tuned his guitar at daggers drawn before the big concert.
  • The gardener tended to her flowers at daggers drawn with care.
  • The sculptor chiseled the marble at daggers drawn to create his masterpiece.
  • The writer scribbled notes on daggers drawn for her next novel.
  • The photographer framed the shot with daggers drawn before snapping the picture.
  • The sports player checked his equipment at the daggers drawn before the game.
  • The teacher wrote on the blackboard daggers drawn while lecturing.
  • The mechanic worked on the engine at daggers drawn to fix the car.
  • The scientist peered through the microscope at daggers drawn to make new discoveries.
  • The nurse checked her patient’s vital signs with daggers drawn to ensure their well-being.
  • The pilot checked the instruments at daggers drawn before taking off.
  • The firefighter put on his gear with daggers drawn before responding to the call.
  • The police officer patrolled the streets with daggers drawn to keep the community safe.
  • The construction worker operated the crane with daggers drawn to lift the heavy load.
  • The electrician wired the house at daggers drawn to ensure safety.
  • The plumber fixed the pipes at daggers drawn to stop the leak.
  • The janitor cleaned the floors at daggers drawn to maintain a clean environment.
  • The delivery driver checked the load at daggers drawn before hitting the road.
  • The customer service representative handled the call at daggers drawn to solve the issue.
  • The accountant reviewed the numbers at daggers drawn to balance the books.
  • The designer created the layout of daggers drawn for the new project.
  • The engineer designed the blueprint at daggers drawn for the new building.
  • The analyst analyzed the data at daggers drawn to make predictions.
  • The marketer developed the campaign at daggers drawn to promote the product.
  • The HR representative reviewed the resumes at daggers drawn to find the best candidate.
  • The IT support fixed the computer at daggers drawn to resolve the problem.
  • The project manager coordinated the team at daggers drawn to meet the deadline.
  • The lawyer reviewed the case at daggers drawn to prepare for trial.
  • The educator developed the curriculum at daggers drawn to help students succeed.
  • The social worker helped the client at daggers drawn to improve their situation.
  • The therapist listened to the patient at daggers drawn to provide support.
  • The counselor advised the student at daggers drawn to make the best decision.
  • The personal trainer instructed the client at daggers drawn to reach their fitness goals.

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