As if Meaning & Sentence

As if Meaning

In a way that suggests something

As if Sentence Examples

  • As if he didn’t know the answer, he pretended to be unsure.
  • It started to rain as if the situation couldn’t get any worse.
  • She continued talking on the phone as if she didn’t hear me.
  • They ran towards the finish line as if they were in a race.
  • As if he had been waiting for this moment, he stepped forward and spoke.
  • The whole scene played out in front of me as if it were a dream.
  • He performed the trick flawlessly, as if he had been practicing for days.
  • She picked up the heavyweight and lifted it as if it were nothing.
  • As if the clock had stopped, time seemed to stand still at that moment.
  • She moved gracefully across the dance floor as if the music guided her.
  • As if he had been caught red-handed, he stammered when confronted.
  • The room was filled with a bright light as if the sun were shining.
  • As if they were old friends, they hugged each other and laughed.
  • As if he were a professional, he efficiently handled the difficult situation.
  • As if the answer were obvious, she rolled her eyes and walked away.
  • As if the wind were blowing, her hair moved with the breeze.
  • As if they were in a movie, they looked into each other’s eyes and kissed.
  • The hours seemed to drag on endlessly as if the day were long.
  • As if the whole world were watching, he froze in front of the audience.
  • She panicked and couldn’t think clearly, as if the situation were dire.
  • As if the outcome were predetermined, he accepted his fate without resistance.
  • As if the air were thin, she struggled to catch her breath.
  • As if the water were cold, she shivered and wrapped her arms around herself.
  • As if the night were long, he couldn’t fall asleep for hours.
  • She didn’t recognize him as if he were a stranger at first.
  • As if the storm were brewing, the sky grew dark and ominous.
  • As if the pain were unbearable, she cried out in agony.
  • As if the clock were ticking, she felt a sense of urgency to finish the task.
  • As if the stars were aligning, everything seemed to be falling into place.
  • As if the sound were coming from far away, she heard a faint noise.
  • They fought hard to score the winning point as if the game were tied.
  • As if the room were empty, she looked around and realized she was alone.
  • As if the decision were easy, he chose the option without hesitation.
  • As if the burden were heavy, he struggled to carry the load.
  • As if the world were ending, she felt a sense of despair and hopelessness.
  • As if the song were over, the music suddenly stopped.
  • She squinted her eyes in the sunlight as if the day were bright.
  • As if the story were true, she listened in awe as he spoke.
  • As if the food were delicious, she ate it with great relish.
  • She felt a sense of urgency to act as if the time were now.
  • As if the chance were rare, she grabbed the opportunity without delay.

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