Daytime or Day time: Which one is Correct?

That time of the day when the sun is right above us, lighting up the whole world with a golden shade, is what we call the daytime. However, whether we should call it daytime or day time is a question related to the structures of two compound words. In any case, both mean the same thing.

Daytime or day time: which one is correct?

Whether to call that time of the day when the sun is the brightest as day time or daytime is a question that can confuse someone very easily. Actually, both are words with the same meaning, but they have different compound forms. Be it day time or daytime, the meaning will remain the same. It is just the fact that some people use day time or day-time and some people use daytime.

However, what is more commonly accepted and recognized in the American dictionary and by most people worldwide is the term daytime. That means the words day and time are used together as a single closed compound word instead of two different entities.

For example;

  • I saw her in the daytime.
  • I saw her in the day time.

Both will probably mean the same thing. The difference between the two words is that one is used as a single word, and the other is used as an open compound word.

Final words

Both the terms are grammatically correct. But the term daytime is more in use than the other.

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