Prepositions in English List [with Examples]

Prepositions are essential to the English language to show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other parts of the sentence. They can indicate position, direction, time, or other relationships. To improve your English grammar, you must solidly understand prepositions. This blog post will provide prepositions in English list and give examples of how … Read more

Your Welcome or You’re Welcome?

Are you confused between your welcome or you’re welcome? Which one to say in reply when someone says thank you? In short, “you’re welcome” is the correct way to respond to someone who has thanked you, while “your welcome” is a common mistake that should be avoided. When someone does something for you, and you … Read more

Adjectives starting with H

Adjectives are words that describe the characteristics or qualities of a person, place, thing, or idea. They are often used to provide more information about nouns in a sentence. Adjectives can be used in many ways to add detail and interest to your writing. This blog will look at a list of adjectives starting with … Read more