To Look Through Colored Glasses Meaning & Sentence

To Look Through Colored Glasses Meaning

To see things not as they are

To Look Through Colored Glasses Sentence Examples

  • She always looks at the situation through colored glasses, ignoring the negative aspects.
  • He has a tendency to view everything through rose-colored glasses.
  • The politician looked at the problem through blue-colored glasses and came up with a biased solution.
  • I wish she would stop looking at the world through green-colored glasses and face reality.
  • The optimist always looks through yellow-colored glasses and sees the bright side of things.
  • The skeptic views everything through gray-colored glasses, always doubting the positive outcomes.
  • He looks at his past through golden-colored glasses and romanticizes the memories.
  • The journalist looked at the issue through black-colored glasses, exposing all the flaws.
  • The lawyer looked at the case through red-colored glasses and saw only the dangers.
  • You have to stop looking at your ex through pink-colored glasses and move on.

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