To Die in Harness Meaning & Sentence

To Die in Harness Meaning

To die while actively engaged in one’s regular work

To Die in Harness Sentence Examples

  • After years of loyal service, the old horse was ready to die in harness.
  • The veteran soldier refused to retire, preferring to die in harness on the battlefield.
  • The dedicated teacher planned to die in harness, continuing to educate students until the end.
  • The experienced manager chose to die in harness, leading the company to success one last time.
  • The loyal employee would rather die in harness than abandon his post and responsibilities.
  • The hardworking farmer hoped to die in harness, surrounded by the land he tended to.
  • The devout priest chose to die in harness, ministering to his congregation until the end.
  • The tireless nurse wished to die in harness, comforting patients in their final moments.
  • The committed artist desired to die in harness, creating one last masterpiece.
  • The dedicated firefighter wanted to die in harness, risking his life to save others.

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