To Catch Red-Handed Meaning & Sentence

To Catch Red-Handed Meaning

To catch in the act of doing

To Catch Red-Handed Sentence Examples

  • The thief was caught red-handed while trying to steal the jewels.
  • I caught my little brother red-handed while he was eating the last cookie.
  • The manager caught the employees red-handed while they were stealing company supplies.
  • The police caught the criminals red-handed as they were leaving the scene of the crime.
  • I caught my roommate red-handed when she was using my shampoo without asking.
  • The teacher caught the students red-handed cheating on the exam.
  • The store owner caught the shoplifter red-handed and called the police.
  • I caught the plumber red-handed overcharging for his services.
  • The police caught the drug dealers red-handed with a large stash of illegal substances.
  • The security guard caught the shoplifter red-handed and made a citizen’s arrest.
  • I caught the gardener red-handed taking shortcuts and not doing a proper job.
  • The boss caught the employee red-handed making personal calls during work hours.
  • The detective caught the suspect red-handed with the stolen goods.
  • The landlord caught the tenant red-handed breaking the lease agreement.
  • I caught my friend red-handed lying about where they were last night.
  • The store manager caught the cashier red-handed pocketing money from the register.
  • The security cameras caught the robbers red-handed as they were breaking into the store.
  • I caught the chef red-handed using expired ingredients in the kitchen.
  • The police caught the con artist red-handed scamming people out of their money.
  • The parent caught the teenager red-handed sneaking out of the house.
  • I caught my pet red-handed chewing up my favorite shoes.
  • The supervisor caught the workers red-handed slacking off on the job.
  • The security guard caught the intruder red-handed trying to break into the building.
  • I caught my partner red-handed using my credit card without permission.
  • The manager caught the employee red-handed falsifying their time card.
  • The inspector caught the contractor red-handed cutting corners on the construction site.
  • I caught the bartender red-handed serving minors.
  • The detective caught the fraudster red-handed with fake currency.
  • The boss caught the employee red-handed disclosing confidential information.
  • I caught the mechanic red-handed overcharging for repairs.
  • The security guard caught the vandal red-handed spray-painting graffiti on the wall.
  • The police caught the thief red-handed as they were attempting to break into a car.
  • I caught my co-worker red-handed taking credit for my idea.
  • The manager caught the employee red-handed not following proper procedures.
  • The investigator caught the embezzler red-handed with evidence of their misdeeds.
  • I caught the landscaper red-handed not following the agreed-upon plan.
  • The teacher caught the student red-handed copying someone else’s work.
  • The security guard caught the pickpocket red-handed as they were trying to steal from a customer.
  • I caught my sibling red-handed sneaking into the movie theater without paying.
  • The boss caught the employee red-handed using company resources for personal gain.
  • The police caught the thief red-handed with the stolen goods in their possession.
  • I caught the babysitter red-handed not following the rules I set.

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