Smooth Sailing Meaning & Sentence

Smooth Sailing Meaning

No difficulty

Smooth Sailing Sentence Examples

  • After the initial hurdles, the project is finally experiencing smooth sailing.
  • The company anticipates smooth sailing with the right team and resources in the coming year.
  • The first day at the new job was smooth sailing; everything went according to plan.
  • The first half of the game was tough, but the second half was smooth sailing.
  • She thought the meeting would be a challenge, but it ended up being smooth sailing.
  • The flight was smooth sailing, with no turbulence or delays.
  • The couple’s marriage has been smooth sailing since their honeymoon.
  • The product launch was smooth sailing, thanks to months of careful planning.
  • The car ran smoothly for many years, making the owner’s life smooth sailing.
  • The event went off without a hitch and was smooth sailing from start to finish.
  • The new software update has made the program run like smooth sailing.
  • After months of hard work, the team finally reached the smooth sailing phase of the project.
  • The investor was happy to see smooth sailing in the company’s financials.
  • The ship had smooth sailing for days, making the journey pleasant for the passengers.
  • The business partnership has been smooth sailing so far, with no major disagreements.
  • The road trip was smooth sailing, and they arrived at their destination earlier than expected.
  • The negotiations were tense at first, but they eventually reached a point of smooth sailing.
  • The repair work was smooth sailing, and the house was as good as new in no time.
  • The weather was perfect, and the family picnic was smooth sailing.
  • The new employee was able to quickly integrate into the team, and everything was smooth sailing from there.
  • The family vacation was smooth sailing, and everyone had a great time.
  • The company’s expansion into new markets has been smooth sailing, thanks to careful planning.
  • The launch of the new product was smooth sailing, with great sales numbers in the first month.
  • The financial advisor assured his clients that their investments were experiencing smooth sailing.
  • The merger between the two companies was smooth sailing, with no major issues.
  • The software developer was pleased to see that the new feature was working like smooth sailing.
  • The construction project was smooth sailing, with no delays or setbacks.
  • The athlete’s training went smoothly, and she was confident in smooth sailing at the upcoming competition.
  • The concert was a success, with smooth sailing throughout the entire event.
  • The wedding preparations were smooth sailing, with everything planned out perfectly.
  • The student’s academic career was smooth sailing, with straight A’s throughout high school and college.
  • The new team leader made the smooth transition sailing, and the team was able to continue working effectively.
  • The weather forecast predicted smooth sailing for the entire week, with no rain or storms.
  • The political campaign was smooth sailing, with no major controversies or scandals.
  • The charity event was smooth sailing, with a large turnout and generous donations.
  • The writer’s creative process was smooth sailing, and the book was completed on time.
  • The customer service representative was able to resolve the issue smoothly, making the customer’s experience smooth sailing.
  • The small business owner was pleased to see smooth sailing in her sales figures.
  • The home renovation project was smooth sailing, and the results were better than expected.
  • The teacher’s lesson plan went smoothly, and the students were engaged in smooth sailing learning.
  • The athlete’s recovery from the injury was smooth sailing, and he was able to return to the game quickly.
  • The fundraising campaign was smooth sailing, with donors giving generously to the cause.

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