She and I or She and me – Which is Correct?

Both I and me are pronouns. However, they both function differently, and one cannot take the place of the other, depending on what context they are being used in.

She and I or she and me – Which is correct?

The correct answer will be “she and I” and not “she and me”. “She and me” might sound correct, but this phrase is grammatically wrong. This is especially true when we are talking about “she and I” as subjects. It is because I is a subjective pronoun and acts as a subject of the sentence. But in some cases, when the speaker is considered the object, the word me can come into play.

The main rule here is that both the pronouns are used differently in a different context. While I is a subjective pronoun, me is an objective pronoun. Therefore, when we are referring to ourselves as subjects, using she and me will be absolutely wrong. She and I is the only correct way to put it forward as I acts as the subject that is doing something.

On the other hand, we cannot put she and me anyway. Because in an objective case, she will be her, and I will be me. So, if need be, we can use her and me, but using she and me as subjects will be incorrect.

For example:

  • She and I went to the park. (Correct)
  • She and me went to the park. (Wrong)
  • They laughed at her and me. (Correct)
  • They laughed at she and me. (Wrong)

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