Phrasal Verbs with Wave – Meaning & Examples

This article will see phrasal verbs starting with the word “Wave.”

List of Phrasal verbs with Wave

The list of phrasal verbs that start with the word “Wave” is as follows.

  1. Wave aside
  2. Wave down
  3. Wave off

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Wave and their usage in a sentence.

1. Wave aside

Wave aside meaning: To refuse to consider what someone says

Using Wave aside in a sentence:

  • She waved aside his offer of help.
  • He waved aside the question, not wanting to answer.
  • The manager waved aside the proposal, saying it was not feasible.
  • She waved aside my concerns, saying everything was under control.
  • He waved aside the compliments, preferring to stay modest.
  • The politician waved aside accusations of corruption.
  • The CEO waved aside the negative feedback, confident in their strategy.
  • She waved aside the invitation, already having prior commitments.
  • He waved aside the suggestion, not interested in trying it.
  • The scientist waved aside the theory as it lacked evidence.
  • She waved aside the criticism, focusing on her goals.
  • He waved aside the praise, acknowledging the team’s efforts.
  • The athlete waved aside the injury, determined to continue playing.
  • She waved aside the objection, having a valid explanation.
  • He waved aside the apology, still upset about the situation.
  • The teacher waved aside the students’ excuses, enforcing the rules.
  • She waved aside the offer, wanting to handle the situation alone.
  • He waved aside the temptation, staying disciplined.
  • The artist waved aside the limitations, embracing creativity.
  • She waved aside the fear, confronting the challenge head-on.

2. Wave down

Wave down meaning: to make a driver stop their vehicle by waving your arms up and down; signal to stop by waving your hand.

Using Wave down in a sentence:

  • She waved down a taxi when she saw one passing by.
  • The lifeguard waved down the swimmer, who was in distress.
  • I tried to wave down a car to give me a ride, but none stopped.
  • The teacher waved down the student who was talking in class.
  • The chef waved down the server to ask for more salt.
  • I waved down my friend from across the street.
  • The pilot waved down the air traffic controller for clearance.
  • The police officer waved down the driver, who was speeding.
  • The man at the bus stop waved down the bus when he saw it approaching.
  • The waiter waved down the customer to take their order.
  • The firefighter waved down the bystanders to stay back from the burning building.
  • The coach waved down the offside player.
  • The concert-goer waved down the security guard for assistance.
  • I waved down the waiter to ask for the bill.
  • The doctor waved down the nurse to check on a patient.
  • The pedestrian waved down the driver to cross the street.
  • The athlete waved down the trainer for help.
  • The motorist waved down the pedestrian to ask for directions.
  • The street vendor waved down the customer to show his wares.
  • The pilot waved down the air traffic control tower to confirm his landing.

3. Wave off

Wave off meaning: to wave to someone as they leave a place in order to say good bye

Using Wave off in a sentence:

  • The pilot waved off the control tower’s request to land the plane.
  • The traffic controller waved off the approaching cars to let the ambulance pass.
  • The manager waved off the employee’s concerns about the project’s deadline.
  • The athlete waved off the fans who wanted to take a picture with him.
  • The teacher waved off the student’s excuses for being late to class.
  • The security guard waved off the visitors who tried to enter the restricted area.
  • The doctor waved off the nurse’s suggestion to run tests on the patient.
  • The coach waved off the players who wanted to return to the field.
  • The event organizer waved off the volunteer’s offer to help with the setup.
  • The flight attendant waved off the passenger’s request for another drink.
  • The captain waved off the crew’s suggestion to change the ship’s course.
  • The server waved off the customer’s request for more bread.
  • The judge waved off the lawyer’s objections to the evidence presented.
  • The president waved off the reporter’s questions about the latest policy changes.
  • The supervisor waved off the worker’s request for a raise.
  • The usher waved off the latecomers who wanted to enter the theater.
  • The mechanic waved off the driver’s request for a tune-up.
  • The manager waved off the employee’s request for a day off.
  • The salesperson waved off the customer’s questions about the product’s warranty.
  • The tour guide waved off the group’s request to detour to another site.

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