Phrasal Verbs with Nuzzle – Meaning & Examples

This article will see phrasal verbs starting with the word “Nuzzle.”

List of Phrasal verbs with Nuzzle

The list of phrasal verbs that start with the word “Nuzzle” is as follows.

  1. Nuzzle up

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Nuzzle and its usage in a sentence.

1. Nuzzle up

Nuzzle up meaning: rub or push with the nose

Using Nuzzle up in a sentence:

  • The kittens nuzzled up to their mother for warmth.
  • The couple nuzzled up close together on the couch.
  • The dog nuzzled up to his owner’s legs, seeking affection.
  • The children nuzzled up to each other as they fell asleep.
  • The baby nuzzled up to her blanket, feeling safe and secure.
  • The horse nuzzled up to the fence, wanting to be petted.
  • The cat nuzzled up to the radiator to keep warm.
  • The rabbits nuzzled up to each other in their burrow.
  • The squirrel nuzzled up to the tree trunk for protection.
  • The couple nuzzled up under the blanket, enjoying each other’s company.

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