Phrasal Verbs with Nestle – Meaning & Examples

This article will see phrasal verbs starting with the word “Nestle.”

List of Phrasal verbs with Nestle

The list of phrasal verbs that start with the word “Nestle” is as follows.

  1. Nestle up/to

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Nestle and their usage in a sentence.

1. Nestle up/to

Nestle up/to meaning: press oneself lovingly

Using Nestle up/to in a sentence:

  • She nestled up in the armchair with a good book.
  • The puppies nestled up together for a nap.
  • He nestled up under the covers and fell asleep.
  • She nestled up next to her husband on the couch.
  • The cat nestled up on his lap and purred.
  • They nestled up close to the fire on a chilly night.
  • She nestled up with a blanket and watched the rain.
  • He nestled up to his friend and whispered in her ear.
  • The baby nestled up to her mother for feeding.
  • They nestled up in their sleeping bags for the night.

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