Phrasal Verbs with Fade – Meaning & Examples

This article will see phrasal verbs starting with the word “Fade.”

List of Phrasal verbs with Fade

The list of phrasal verbs that start with the word “Fade” is as follows.

  1. Fade away

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Fade and their usage in a sentence.

1. Fade away

Fade away meaning: gradually becoming less strong, clear, or frequent and disappearing.

Using Fade away in a sentence:

  • The sun gradually faded away into the horizon.
  • Her youth has faded away with the passing of time.
  • The memories of that summer slowly faded away.
  • The excitement in the room faded away as the party came to an end.
  • The popularity of that band faded away after their lead singer left.
  • The sound of the waterfall faded away into the distance.
  • The pain from my injury has finally faded away.
  • The idea of moving to a new city faded away as I grew more comfortable where I was.
  • The once bright colors in the painting have faded away over time.
  • The idea of a picnic faded away as the rain started to pour.
  • The excitement on her face faded away as she learned the bad news.
  • The glow from the fireworks faded away into the night sky.
  • The laughter from the children playing faded away as they went inside.
  • The image in my mind slowly faded away as I woke up from the dream.
  • The sound of the music faded away as the concert ended.
  • The popularity of that movie faded away quickly after its release.
  • The light from the lighthouse faded away into the fog.
  • The rumor about the new company policy faded away as it was proven false.
  • The frustration in her voice faded away as she regained her composure.
  • The image of the castle faded away as the fog rolled in.
  • The taste of the ice cream faded away as I ate it too quickly.
  • The excitement of the moment faded away as the realization hit.
  • The energy from the partygoers faded away as the night went on.
  • The warmth from the fire faded away as it burned out.
  • The dream of becoming a famous musician faded away as reality set in.
  • The anxiety of the situation faded away as I took a deep breath.
  • The sound of the birds singing faded away as the night fell.
  • The excitement of the road trip faded away as the car broke down.
  • The memories of that vacation faded away as time passed.
  • The light from the candle faded away as it burned down.
  • The sound of the waves faded away as I drifted off to sleep.
  • The feeling of fear faded away as I gained confidence.
  • The sounds of the city faded away as I entered the quiet park.
  • The flavor of the candy faded away as I chewed it.
  • The sight of the majestic mountain faded away as the clouds rolled in.
  • The headache I had faded away as I took some medicine.
  • The feeling of love faded away as we grew apart.
  • The warmth of the sun faded away as the day turned to night.
  • The sound of the wind faded away as the storm passed.
  • The sight of the UFO faded away as it disappeared into the sky.
  • The popularity of that book faded away after the movie came out.
  • The pain from the injury faded away as the medication kicked in.
  • The sight of the city skyline faded away as the sunset.
  • The sound of the rain faded away as it stopped.
  • The feeling of happiness faded away as I remembered the bad news.
  • The excitement of the amusement park faded away as I realized how long the line was.
  • The sight of the aurora borealis faded away as the night ended.
  • The memory of that experience faded away as I aged.

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