Creative English Activities For Students

Here are some creative English activities for students: Play board games, solve puzzles, rewrite Wikipedia paragraphs, color in the classroom, and more! All of these activities will make the class more fun and interactive for everyone! You can also try a team activity to make it more enjoyable for your students. Once you’ve thought of … Read more

Top 5 Classroom Games For Teaching English

Playing games in the classroom is a fun and effective way to get students engaged in the material. Many activities involve getting up and moving, which engages students’ total physical response while stimulating their minds. Using both sides of the brain, these games help students memorize vocabulary and phrases. Other popular activities for the classroom … Read more

Is Public Speaking a Job?

Is public speaking a job? Yes, it is. As a public speaker, you have to know how to speak well in front of an audience. To make it easier for you, this article outlines the key steps to becoming a good public speaker. Practice makes perfect, so do not forget to get plenty of practice. … Read more

How to Stop Shaking During Public Speaking?

If you’ve ever wondered how to stop shaking during public speaking, you’re not alone. Even the most experienced speakers can experience anxiety before speaking. To reduce shaking before speaking, release worry, practice breathing techniques, and get enough sleep. Faking eye contact or using breathing tricks can also hide your shaking while speaking. Hopefully, these tips … Read more

How to Write an Essay About Leadership?

If you are looking for a leadership essay topic, it is important to structure your essay in an effective manner. The body of the essay should contain 3-5 paragraphs, each devoted to a new aspect of the topic or a different perspective. In each paragraph, you should use a thesis statement and then support this … Read more

How to Control Anxiety in Public Speaking?

If you feel that you are too anxious to speak in public, you should try different ways to control your anxiety. Among these are repetition, visual imagery, and breathing and stretching exercises. Performing these activities will help you get rid of the anxiety and prepare for your presentation. Listed below are some ways to reduce … Read more

How to Breathe Properly When Public Speaking?

You can practice breathing correctly while public speaking by using a few tips. Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the best strategies for public speaking and should be used during stressful situations. Alternate nostril breathing is another effective method. Deep, diaphragmatic breaths are essential for most speaking situations. The following techniques will help you achieve the … Read more