Let she or Let her – What is Correct?

People often confuse whether they use she or her with the word let in a sentence. So in this article, we will see whether “let she or let her” is correct.

Let she or Let her – What is Correct?

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The usage of “Let she” is incorrect whereas the usage of “let her” is correct. The word “let” is followed by the pronoun of objective case. Since ‘her’ is the pronoun of the objective case of ‘she’.

For example

  • Let she go. (Wrong)
  • Let her go. (Correct)
  • Let she say something. (Wrong)
  • Let her say something. (Correct)
  • Let she do it. (Wrong)
  • Let her do it. (Correct)
  • Let she answer. (Wrong)
  • Let her answer. (Correct)

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