In Vogue Meaning & Sentence

In Vogue Meaning

To be in fashion, popular

In Vogue Sentence Examples

  • The latest fashion trends are in vogue among young people.
  • That hairstyle is no longer in vogue. It’s considered outdated.
  • He’s always been in vogue with the ladies, he’s quite the ladies’ man.
  • Yoga is in vogue right now, everyone seems to be practicing it.
  • The new restaurant downtown is in vogue, it’s always busy.
  • The in vogue thing to do this summer is to take a road trip.
  • The concept of minimalism is in vogue in interior design.
  • Veganism is in vogue among health-conscious individuals.
  • In vogue technology companies are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.
  • The use of natural materials is in vogue in architecture.
  • That band is no longer in vogue, their popularity has waned.
  • Eating organic is in vogue among environmentally conscious consumers.
  • In vogue fashion designers are always experimenting with new styles.
  • The in vogue color this season is emerald green.
  • In vogue jewelry designers are using unique materials in their creations.
  • Sustainable living is in vogue, people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Meditation is in vogue, many people are using it to reduce stress and improve mental health.
  • The in vogue trend in literature is to write about social and political issues.
  • In vogue cafes are using locally sourced ingredients in their menu.
  • The use of recycled materials is in vogue in the fashion industry.
  • In vogue artists are using technology to create interactive installations.
  • The in vogue style of photography is candid, natural shots.
  • In vogue home decor is all about mixing vintage and modern elements.
  • The in vogue way to travel is to go on an eco-friendly tour.
  • In vogue music is all about experimentation and pushing boundaries.
  • The in vogue thing to do on a weekend is to go hiking.
  • In vogue graphic designers are using bold colors and geometric shapes in their work.
  • The in vogue way to stay fit is to do a combination of cardio and strength training.
  • In vogue fashion brands are using sustainable materials in their clothing lines.
  • The in vogue way to spend a vacation is to go on a retreat.
  • In vogue skincare products are all about using natural ingredients.
  • The in vogue way to decorate a wedding is to use a lot of greenery.
  • In vogue furniture designers are using reclaimed wood in their pieces.
  • The in vogue way to learn a new skill is through online courses.
  • In vogue hairstylists are using natural curls and waves in their designs.
  • The in vogue way to explore a new city is by bike.
  • In vogue chefs are using global flavors in their cuisine.
  • The in vogue way to relax is through mindfulness practices.
  • In vogue fashion models are using their platforms to advocate for social causes.
  • The in vogue way to drink coffee is by using a pour over method.
  • In vogue car designers are using sustainable materials in their vehicles.
  • The in vogue way to travel with kids is to go on a family adventure trip.
  • In vogue architects are using green roofs and solar panels in their designs.

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