Half-Hearted Meaning & Sentence

Half-Hearted Meaning

Lacking enthusiasm

Half-Hearted Sentence Examples

  • He made a half-hearted effort in his presentation.
  • She was only half-heartedly participating in the conversation.
  • His half-hearted attempts at cleaning the kitchen were not enough.
  • The team was half-hearted in their defense, leading to a loss.
  • She offered a half-hearted apology that didn’t seem sincere.
  • His half-hearted commitment to quitting smoking was unsuccessful.
  • The singer gave a half-hearted performance that lacked energy.
  • The worker’s half-hearted approach to his job was evident in the poor quality of his work.
  • The politician’s half-hearted efforts to address the issue were not convincing.
  • The athlete’s half-hearted attempts at training resulted in poor performance.
  • The artist’s half-hearted attempt at painting resulted in a lackluster piece.
  • The student’s half-hearted study habits resulted in poor grades.
  • The chef’s half-hearted attempt at cooking was ruined by lack of effort.
  • The gardener’s half-hearted attempts at planting resulted in a lackluster garden.
  • The dancer’s half-hearted performance was lackluster compared to their previous shows.
  • The employee’s half-hearted effort was noticeable in their work output.
  • The teacher’s half-hearted teaching style left the students uninterested.
  • The writer’s half-hearted attempt at writing a novel was unsuccessful.
  • The company’s half-hearted attempts at customer service resulted in dissatisfaction.
  • The athlete’s half-hearted effort led to an injury.
  • The company’s half-hearted approach to sustainability was not effective.
  • The politician’s half-hearted promises were not enough to gain voter support.
  • The musician’s half-hearted attempt at composing resulted in a mediocre piece.
  • The athlete’s half-hearted preparation resulted in a poor performance.
  • The volunteer’s half-hearted efforts were not enough to make a difference.
  • The builder’s half-hearted attempts at construction resulted in a poor finished product.
  • The actress’s half-hearted effort in her audition resulted in her not getting the part.
  • The chef’s half-hearted approach to cooking resulted in a poor meal.
  • The athlete’s half-hearted attempts at practicing led to a disappointing game.
  • The scientist’s half-hearted experiment resulted in inconclusive results.
  • The student’s half-hearted effort in school led to poor grades.
  • The singer’s half-hearted performance lacked passion.
  • The athlete’s half-hearted effort led to a lack of improvement.
  • The driver’s half-hearted attempts at following traffic laws resulted in a ticket.
  • The artist’s half-hearted efforts at sculpting resulted in a lackluster statue.
  • The teacher’s half-hearted approach to discipline led to a lack of control in the classroom.
  • The company’s half-hearted approach to social responsibility was not well received.
  • The politician’s half-hearted efforts at solving the problem were not enough.
  • The musician’s half-hearted attempt at playing the instrument resulted in poor sound.
  • The athlete’s half-hearted effort at training led to poor performance in the competition.
  • The student’s half-hearted attempts at studying led to poor exam results.
  • The chef’s half-hearted approach to menu planning resulted in a lackluster dining experience.
  • The gardener’s half-hearted attempt at landscaping resulted in an unimpressive yard.

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