By Virtue of Meaning & Sentence

By Virtue of Meaning

On account of

By Virtue of Sentence Examples

  • By virtue of her hard work, she was able to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.
  • By virtue of his experience, he was chosen as the team captain.
  • By virtue of his seniority, he was given the corner office.
  • By virtue of her connections, she was able to secure a high-paying job.
  • By virtue of his qualifications, he was offered the position.
  • By virtue of their popularity, they were invited to the exclusive party.
  • By virtue of his talent, he won the competition.
  • By virtue of his position, he had access to confidential information.
  • By virtue of her perseverance, she overcame all obstacles.
  • By virtue of his expertise, he was able to solve the problem.
  • By virtue of her charm, she was able to win over the audience.
  • By virtue of his wealth, he was able to live a life of luxury.
  • By virtue of their friendship, they were able to support each other.
  • By virtue of his honesty, he gained the trust of his colleagues.
  • By virtue of her creativity, she was able to come up with innovative solutions.
  • By virtue of his leadership skills, he was able to inspire his team.
  • By virtue of her determination, she was able to achieve her goals.
  • By virtue of his intelligence, he was able to excel in academics.
  • By virtue of his good looks, he was able to attract a lot of attention.
  • By virtue of her qualifications, she was able to land her dream job.
  • By virtue of his generosity, he was loved by everyone.
  • By virtue of her wit, she was able to make people laugh.
  • By virtue of his compassion, he was able to help those in need.
  • By virtue of her beauty, she was able to model for top fashion brands.
  • By virtue of his popularity, he was able to launch a successful career in the entertainment industry.
  • By virtue of her experience, she was able to mentor new employees.
  • By virtue of his hard work, he was able to climb the corporate ladder.
  • By virtue of her qualifications, she was able to teach at a prestigious university.
  • By virtue of his creativity, he was able to launch a successful business.
  • By virtue of her kindness, she was able to win the hearts of many.
  • By virtue of his wisdom, he was able to provide valuable advice.
  • By virtue of her patience, she was able to teach difficult concepts to her students.
  • By virtue of his sense of humor, he was able to lighten up the mood.
  • By virtue of her flexibility, she was able to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • By virtue of his persistence, he was able to achieve what others thought was impossible.
  • By virtue of her confidence, she was able to take on new challenges.
  • By virtue of his efficiency, he was able to complete tasks quickly and accurately.
  • By virtue of her humility, she was able to gain the respect of her colleagues.
  • By virtue of his athleticism, he was able to win multiple awards in sports.
  • By virtue of her organizational skills, she was able to manage multiple projects at once.
  • By virtue of his communication skills, he was able to build strong relationships with clients.
  • By virtue of her reliability, she was trusted with important tasks.
  • By virtue of his resilience, he was able to bounce back from setbacks.
  • By virtue of her discipline, she was able to stick to a strict routine.
  • By virtue of his resourcefulness, he was able to find solutions.

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