By Degrees Meaning & Sentence

By Degrees Meaning


By Degrees Sentence Examples

  • By degrees, he started to take his fitness more seriously.
  • We all grow old by degrees.
  • The temperature rose by degrees throughout the day.
  • She learned to play the guitar by degrees, starting with basic chords.
  • By degrees, the company grew into a major player in the industry.
  • He began to understand the concept by degrees as he read more about it.
  • By degrees, she became more confident in her public speaking abilities.
  • The book’s plot thickened by degrees, keeping readers engaged.
  • By degrees, the sun set, and darkness crept over the land.
  • He improved his writing by degrees through consistent practice.
  • By degrees, the storm intensified, and the winds grew stronger.
  • She learned to cook by degrees, starting with simple dishes and working her way up.
  • The town expanded by degrees, with new buildings being constructed over time.
  • By degrees, she realized that her partner was not right for her.
  • He became more knowledgeable about the subject by degrees, attending seminars and reading books.
  • By degrees, the water in the pot began to boil.
  • She gained the trust of her colleagues by degrees, proving her competence over time.
  • He became more patient by degrees, learning to take things one step at a time.
  • The tree grew taller by degrees, reaching for the sky.
  • By degrees, he became a more effective leader through trial and error.
  • She became a skilled artist by degrees, refining her technique over many years.
  • The painting took shape by degrees, adding each stroke to the final masterpiece.
  • He lost weight by degrees, gradually changing his diet and exercise routine.
  • By degrees, the old house was restored to its former glory.
  • She developed a new hobby by degrees, slowly building her skill and knowledge.
  • The plants in the garden grew by degrees, bringing new growth each day.
  • He learned to be more assertive by degrees, standing up for himself in small ways at first.
  • By degrees, the children grew more independent and self-sufficient.
  • She became more fluent in the language by degrees, practicing with native speakers.
  • The economy improved by degrees, with small signs of progress becoming more frequent over time.
  • He grew more confident in his abilities by degrees, tackling more challenging tasks as he gained experience.
  • By degrees, the music became louder and more intense.
  • She developed a closer relationship with her family by degrees, spending more time with them and building trust.
  • He became more skilled at woodworking by degrees, starting with simple projects and working his way up.
  • By degrees, the city expanded its transportation system to serve its residents better.
  • She overcame her fear of heights by degrees, gradually exposing herself to higher and higher altitudes.
  • He learned to manage his time more effectively by degrees, prioritizing his tasks and setting goals.
  • By degrees, the world has become more connected through technology and globalization.
  • She learned to be more open-minded by degrees, considering new ideas and perspectives.
  • He became more resilient by degrees, learning to bounce back from setbacks and failures.
  • By degrees, the company’s profits grew as it expanded its market share.
  • She became a more skilled public speaker by degrees, practicing in front of small audiences before moving on to larger ones.
  • He learned to be more patient with others by degrees, recognizing that everyone has their own pace and style.
  • By degrees, the town became more eco-friendly, implementing recycling programs and reducing waste.

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