All the While Meaning & Sentence

All the While Meaning

During all the time

All the While Sentence Examples

  • All the while, she watched him work, admiring his dedication.
  • He was lost in thought, all the while unaware of the noise around him.
  • All the while, the storm raged outside, causing damage to the city.
  • The children played happily, all the while their parents watched from a distance.
  • All the while, the clock ticked away, reminding us of the time we were wasting.
  • She pretended to be interested, all the while planning her escape.
  • All the while, the company struggled to stay afloat financially.
  • The musician played his instrument all the while, his fingers moving effortlessly.
  • All the while, the sun beat down on us, making us sweat and thirsty.
  • The thief stole the jewels, all the while trying to avoid detection.
  • All the while, the politicians argued and bickered, and nothing was getting done.
  • The dog barked incessantly, all the while trying to get our attention.
  • All the while the teacher talked, the students daydreamed about the weekend.
  • The dancers rehearsed tirelessly, all the while perfecting their routines.
  • All the while, the economy struggled, leaving many people out of work.
  • The doctor examined the patient, all the while listening to his symptoms.
  • All the while, the fire spread, engulfing the entire building.
  • The artist painted all the while losing himself in the strokes of his brush.
  • All the while, the wind blew, making it hard to keep our balance.
  • The runner ran all the while, pushing herself to go faster.
  • All the while, the singer sang, captivating the audience with her voice.
  • The cook prepared the meal, all the while adding the final touches.
  • All the while, the clock struck, marking the passage of time.
  • The students studied all the while absorbing as much information as possible.
  • All the while, the baby cried, making it hard for us to concentrate.
  • The writer wrote all the while letting the words flow onto the page.
  • All the while, the clock ticked, reminding us of the time left.
  • The driver drove, all the while navigating the busy streets with ease.
  • All the while, the rain fell, creating soothing background noise.
  • The swimmer swam all the while, making steady progress through the water.
  • All the while, the company grew, expanding its reach and influence.
  • The walker walked all the while, taking in the sights and sounds of the city.
  • All the while, the timer counted down, adding to the tension in the room.
  • The gymnast performed all the while executing each movement flawlessly.
  • All the while, the wind howled, making it hard to hear each other.
  • The scientist experimented all the while searching for the answers.
  • All the while, the snow fell, creating a picturesque winter landscape.
  • The shopper shopped all the while looking for the perfect item.
  • All the while, the traffic jammed, making it hard to get anywhere on time.
  • The photographer took photos, all the while capturing the beauty of the moment.
  • All the while, the waves crashed, creating a soothing sound.
  • The skater skated, all the while performing tricks and spins.

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