All at Once Meaning & Sentence

All at Once Meaning


All at Once Sentence Examples

  • She was overwhelmed with emotion, feeling everything all at once.
  • He took a deep breath and jumped into the cold water, submerging himself all at once.
  • The lights came on all at once, signaling the concert’s start.
  • All at once, the storm clouds gathered, and it began to rain heavily.
  • The crowd cheered all at once as the team scored the winning goal.
  • She realized everything she had been missing all at once and decided to change her life.
  • The music stopped all at once, and there was complete silence in the room.
  • The pain hit him all at once, and he doubled in agony.
  • All at once, he remembered where he had seen her before.
  • The memories flooded back to her all at once, and she couldn’t help but cry.
  • All at once, the power went out and the room was plunged into darkness.
  • The realization hit him all at once, and he was speechless.
  • All at once, the children’s faces lit up as they saw the ice cream truck.
  • The flavors burst in his mouth all at once as he bit into the delicious sandwich.
  • The fire alarm went off at once, and people rushed to evacuate the building.
  • The partygoers laughed and talked all at once, creating a lively atmosphere.
  • All at once, the wind picked up and the leaves rustled in the trees.
  • The students put down their pencils all at once as the teacher announced the test was over.
  • All at once, the airplane hit turbulence and passengers grabbed onto their seats.
  • The dancers moved in perfect unison all at once, executing the choreography flawlessly.
  • All at once, the stocks soared, and investors were thrilled with their returns.
  • The waves crashed against the shore all at once, creating a beautiful sound.
  • All at once, the pain subsided, and he felt relief.
  • The guests arrived all at once, causing chaos at the entrance.
  • All at once, the sun came out from behind the clouds and illuminated the landscape.
  • The performers took the stage all at once, ready to entertain the crowd.
  • All at once, the patient’s condition worsened, and the doctors rushed to intervene.
  • The flowers bloomed all at once, creating a colorful display.
  • All at once, the athlete broke the world record, and the crowd went wild.
  • The storm passed all at once, leaving behind clear skies.
  • All at once, the music stopped, and the dancers froze in their positions.
  • The birds sang all at once, filling the air with a symphony of sounds.
  • All at once, the baby began to cry, and the parents rushed to comfort her.
  • The train station was bustling with activity all at once as people rushed to catch their trains.
  • All at once, the boat capsized, and the passengers struggled to stay afloat.
  • The audience clapped all at once, giving the actor a standing ovation.
  • All at once, the soldier felt a sense of accomplishment and pride for his service.
  • The leaves turned yellow and red all at once, signaling the arrival of fall.
  • All at once, the company’s profits skyrocketed, and they were in the black.

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