Discuss or Discuss about – Which one is Correct?

This is a grammatical and spelling question that asks about the difference between “discuss” and “discuss about”. “Discuss” or “Discuss about” – Which one is Correct? The word “discuss” is usually used when talking about a topic in general. The actual meaning of “discuss” is “talk about”. The usage of the word about after Discuss … Read more

On Friday or In Friday – Which one is Correct?

People are often confused about using prepositions before the word “Friday“. They sometimes use “On” and sometimes use “In“. This is because they don’t know the correct usage. Let us see the difference. On Friday or In Friday – Which one is Correct? “On Friday” is correct usage whereas “In Friday” is incorrect usage. This … Read more

Is Plural of Moose is Meese?

“Moose” is an animal. It is found in the US, Canada, and Russia. Usually we are confused while using word “Moose” in a sentence. The confusion arises because of plural of “Moose“. Is plural of moose is meese? No, The plural of “Moose” is not “Meese”. The correct plural of “Moose” is “Moose”. The singular … Read more